Saturday, February 23, 2013

Help! My Zen Is Gone

I hate exercise.  But, If I have to do it I like to do fun stuff.  Like Zumba, kick boxing (take that you effing box of brownies) and my fav yoga.   And for all of you that exercise know that if you slack for a couple of weeks you feel it.  And I felt it this morning.   Back to yoga after a couple of weeks.   I looked like a novice or green horn.  Usually I jump right in and do fine.  Not today my friends.   It was pathetic.  I was the girl that I usually sneer at for not knowing her yoga shit in class. 

With yoga my mind usually goes all zen and mushy. The room is heated to 90 degrees.  My fav instructor uses words like "organic" and "juicy".   She loves to mold you in position and massage your neck no matter how sweaty you are.  I usually come out of that class feeling like a goddess woman of the earth wanting something like bean sprouts and sex when it's over. 

Today. Well, today you would have never known I have taken a class in my life.   My downward dog was crazy sad. My Yin/Yang was nowhere to be found. I was sweating so hard you could hear my sweat plopping on mat.  Even the groovy zen music didn't help.  My mind was not calm and void. It felt like Atari pong was bouncing around in there.  I was just praying I wouldn't projectile vomit or cry before it was over.  Even the Grandma who rocks the class (and farts) was looking at me like "what the hell"? 

I slinked out of there when it was over.  Scared my yogi card would be revoked.   I'm hoping it was a fluke and not a sign of things to come.  So, I went home took a pain pill and crawled into bed.  

I'll try again Monday.  If it doesn't work then then I guess it's water aerobics at the Y........(noooooooooooooooooooooooooo)

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