Friday, February 22, 2013

My Friday

My Friday

Today I needed one of those beefy bodyguards all the stars have.  Not for paparazzi protection but to lug all my groceries in.   

Amazing how quick teenage boys will clean their rooms when you take their phones....15 minutes flat.

Spent almost a million dollars  on groceries today.  Boys came home rummaged around kitchen saying "there's nothing to eat".   Boys will now be eating leftovers from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday tonight.

Archie's out of town so I spritzed some Febreeze around house and called it cleaned.

And my Friday is done.  Whew, exhausting.  All that's left is cocktail hour and smut on my Kindle. 

  Spring needs to get here like now.  Seriously,  I need some warmth and sunshine or there's going to be some sort of bad event where I'm in the paper....

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