Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Teaching My Boys To Play With Fire

As my boys get older it gets harder to find things to do together that don't require a password and charger.   But I try.  Because I actually like my teens right now.  They are hysterically funny.  

So, last night I asked (hollered up the stairs) "what do you want for dinner"??
No response from either one.  Ok. I hate playing the dinner game.

I started a fire in my little fire pit and used loud key words like "whoa!! those flames are huge!!"   "look at all this smoke"!  and Yum!  Weenies are so much better cooked over a fire"... (Beavis and Butthead went through my mind "Fire,Fire! huh huh)

Lo and behold within 4 minutes both boys were out back roasting weenies.

Tip to self:  Mention playing with fire to teens and their in.....

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