Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Quest for Downton Abbey

Most of you know that I will do anything to avoid going outside when it's under 62 degrees.    But, today I needed  to get out.   You see, I have gotten sucked into the divine Downton Abbey.   I'm hooked.  Most ardently. (Thank you, Mr. Darcy)   Seriously.  I can't wait for Sunday nights to turn to PBS. (No, I'm not 70)  I have started watching this series in the 3rd season.  I need the 1 & 2 seasons to feel complete.   I need it.   It's like my tv crack.  My last stop on my crazy quest to find this was at Target where Einstein in electronics asks if I would like him to check in the back with his stupid superior fancy target gun. Duh, of course. please.

"Ma'am," (I effing hate being called that)   it shows there is one here somewhere.    Pause.     Here's where the stare off begins.  I don't know if he is waiting for me to say "it's ok, I don't really need it"    or what.   So, I give the universal shaking of the head as in "Yes, red shirt dickwad, I have been everywhere looking for this DVD so please take your fancy schmancy gun and find the mother effing DVD!!!!   

Of course, after a lengthy search by my special Target friend the DVD was not to be found.  But, If I want to check back later in the week maybe it will be in!

So, tonight instead of sitting in to watch 16 hours of Downton Abbey for the next 2 days I will just be here.   Bitching about it.  Lucky you.......

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