Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fiber Optics and KMart Feet


What a day.   I have been staining an old desk for 3 days that I got at Good Will.(hey, don't knock it.  A bargain is a bargain)  and it's funky and solid wood.  Which was nicer than all the desks I have looked at over the last few weeks.  My husband and I have been sharing a cutesy Target desk.  Tiny, but cute.  Not efficient for 2 people thought. 

 I was almost through when someone came to the door.  Joy!  The new fiber optics guy to get started on our change from Dish to well, fiber optics??   All I know is I get to play with a new tv system!! Yay!  (these things make me happy, don't judge.)  Was sooooo tired of our dish cutting out everytime the wind blew.

  Anywhoo, back to fiber optics guy.  Did I mention his muscle shirt and tattoos????  After confirming who he was (really, I should ask for ID but I was too excited to get new TV service)  I was in back of house working on staining my cool desk and singing to my IPod at the top of my lungs.   I realized my back porch was open where neighbors and  fiber optic guy could all hear.   Why was I singing some dumb song from High School Musical?????  And then why was the next song "Call Me Maybe" ??????   Gahhhhh,  then when he had a question I noticed him looking down.  Ugh,  I had furniture stain all over my feet and legs.   I had nasty K-mart looking feet.

Well, there went my "hey, I'm a hip and edgy Mom".  to  I'm a freak Mom this fiber optic guy telling all his co-works what a moron lived at my address.  Now,  If any of you Mom are saying you have never been in that situation I say your a liar.   To my BFF's and fav peeps  I'm sure I'll get some smart ass text tomorrow over this!!!!   Super.

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