Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Awesome First 2 Weeks of School. Not


Well so much for my relaxing 2 weeks I give myself when school starts!    Last Friday my youngest came home with a fever, cough, snot etc.   Knocked out our family weekend.  (poor fella, wasn't his fault)   Missed first home football game at their school. Some of my GF's were texting me where I was since it was so crowded.  I told them I'm "over here, in green (school colors)"   Kept playing that game til about half time where I finally told told them I wasn't really there.   LOL   One of my gals got pissy cause she swore she saw a glimpse of me.  Very entertaining for a Friday night for me at least! 

Now, it's Tuesday and son #2 is home with Strep.  I was knee deep in trying to finish staining my new Good Will desk when the school nurse called.  Of course.   So, I had to go to the school with wood stain all over me while my feet still looked liked K-Mart feet from the previous day of staining. ( I really should wear shoes more) And of course the new principal is in the office when I come flying in looking like an extra from Honey Boo Boo. 

Finished desk with a few brain cells missing from the fumes.   Follow the directions folks!!   Ventilation is apparently a must.    

The Hubster comes in last night from work and smells the fumes, sees the office (trying to re-arrange office with a million trailing cords makes him think a bomb or something went off) and looks at the zombie boys laying on couch.  Asks me "how on earth did the boys get sick within the first 2 wks of school??"   Ok  Moms, we all know that's exactly why they are sick.  School started!!!  Duh!! 100's of kids wandering around probably not washing their hands since they left home (mine included)  touching everything and everyone.   Sometimes I think my husband is brilliant.  Other times not so much..........

Now, my house is clean and I am watching men scurry to install my new fiber optic tv and internet.   I still am unsure about the fiber optic thing.  Makes me think of those Christmas trees that the branches light up in different colors.... Oh, well  doesn't matter as long as I'm getting rid of the dish.  I swear, if a light breeze came through it went out.   But, I get to play with new internet and tv!!  Whoop whoop!!   Well, after they get through of course, and tell me they have run into a problem of course and I take one of the boyos to the orthodontist........but, after all that I'll get to play with new tv and internet!!

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