Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Day Of Love?

Today is the day of love.   Well, that's what my day minder tells me.   And for the fact I had to run out last night and get tokens of affection for my teenage boys girlfriends? special friends? best friends?  I like you friends?  Not sure what to call them.  

Talk about pressure.  I'm in charge of these so called tokens of affection.  Just like a guy huh?  Getting someone else to get his gal a Valentine.   That's ok though.  Gives me more control on how this "token" is interpreted.    I don't want to get something large and garish that screams" I'm only 14 but I love you and I'm needy"!!  I think something small, tasteful and cute that says "hey, if we break up next week that's ok"!   

I've never been a Valentines Day gal.   Having someone forced to get their significant other a token of their love just because this day says so.   Ugh.  I'm very lucky Archie feels the exact same way.  Maybe even more so.   He came home last night cussing like a sailor due to all the couples waiting for tables the day before Valentines.  And then a guy had the audacity  to propose to his girlfriend over some wings and tied up the table........ Ah, Archie you make my heart flutter..........

Surprise me.  I don't want a cheesy card that I'm going to throw away.  I certainly don't need any candy.   Clean the garage.   Do something around the house without being asked.   Act like you care when I discuss how I fixed the broken faucet and how many naps I took that day.   Or, how about you cleaning my car, putting air in my tires, organizing my tool box or getting my weed eater to crank.  (But, If you touch my mower, I'll kill ya)  
Now, these are the things that are sure to get you to 3rd base.  ;)    But, don't do any of them on Valentines.  You won't even get a sexy glance if you pull that crap.  

These are the mean girls who grew up and are now on FB

Cleaned 3 bathrooms (2 of those used by males) this morning with the good gloves (for Valentines)  Just another reminder to me that V-Day is full of shit......

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