Tuesday, December 4, 2012

You Will Be Like Your Mother One Day

For every woman that has a Mom or Dad that may drive her nuts at times  maybe we drive them just as nuts.(I know, surely not right?)  It's hard to imagine as adults that we could possibly still be treated as children.  But you can.   

My Mom was asking where my birthday list was.   Birthday list???  Jeez, what am  I 12?   I don't have a list.  Then she got miffed and told me to get her my list.  So, I just scribble pajamas, botox, boots.   When she reads the botox part she gives me the Mom look and says you are not putting poison in your face!  Just kidding Mom.  Relax.  

My dad still lectures me on finances and car maintenance. When I go over to their house you can always find him outside at some time going through my car like I was a teenager.  (still not sure what he's looking for. Condoms? Pot?  He's never found those before and I'm pretty sure after 3 kids and 17 yrs of marriage he's not gonna find that now)   I lecture right back and get him so fired up.  I find it amusing. I ask him "Daddy do you know how old I am"?  Quit lecturing me.   I want to help them out now and give them advice but you would think by their faces I'm still a little girl. 

What's not amusing is the term I always hated to hear.  "You are so much like your mother"!  Or "You'll be like your parents some day".   No I won't.   Nope. Never. Nada.  

Never say never.  (one of my top five quotes)   

I've caught myself lately thinking I'm getting more and more like my Mom.  

Someone told me recently how much I look like my Mom.   I've always hated that but, as I was looking at my Mom I've alway thought how pretty she is.   So, I'll gladly take the compliment now.     

Mom took me shopping this week and she said and did some funny things.  Kinda flaky and flighty.  Just like me.  And it made me laugh.   So maybe we should just let them be and just nod and say ok like when we were kids. 
Plus, she bought me smoking new birthday boots and her some too.  Very cool.  

So, I'll try and relax and listen to their wisdom (snore)  because life as I know it would be very boring.  :)

My Mom looking in the mirror to see how boots look from back.  Same as I do!

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