Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Wow, birthdays have a way of sneaking up on you.   I woke up to find a dead mouse by my bed courtesy of my evil cat Jynxi.  Ahhhh, he remembered my birthday and gave me a gift.   Nothing like hiking out back with a dead mouse  with bbq tongs (I'll wash them twice I promise)  And seriously bbq tongs are on my top 5 cleaning tools.   Anyhoo, had to toss mouse in back corner of yard (fondly referred to as animals that have been killed by Jynxi cemetary)  

My sweet baby boy #2 txt'd me from school to wish me a happy birthday and telling me not to do any housework today.   Okayyyyyyyy, sounds like a plan but it will just make double for me tomorrow.   Oh, well the thought that counts.

Then opened my laptop to be freaked out by lots of FB Happy Birthdays!  Yikes! If that doesn't wake you up.....Still, very sweet from all my FB friends and the other people who don't know me but know when my birthday is................

Off to the Dentist.  See, that's how little I think of my birthday. I obviously didn't pay attention when I made that appt.   Hey, anyway nothing beats a set of slick shiny pearly whites and my dentist commented on my red boots.  Yay Me!

Then to the bank.  Where the bank lady wished me Happy Birthday after I had to ask for the date.  I'm a moron.

Then a package from Blogher in the mail!   Was it a check? Are they dying to syndicate my blogs??   Um, no.  It was a free razor for giving an opinion about  a blog.  Oh well, that's cool too.  Mine is so dull that I just go through the motions of shaving anyway.

On that note,  It's off the folks for food and drink.  My Mom will undoubtedly have champagne (half gone of course) and my brothers will most assuredly give me some fabulous Princess cards.   Happy Birthday to Me!!

And for all of those who don't know me so well and are dying to hear what the hubs got me for said birthday. (This is for all the gals I know who's husbands are dead meat if there isn't flowers, dinner and gifts for their birthday) Not me.   He gave me the perfect gift.  He was out of town for work for several days!!!  Again, Yay Me!!!  Whooo hooo.  White Christmas and all my favorite girly shows on DVR!!  Then he actually surprised me with pink roses delivered (my fav color)   I wondered why he kept texting me and calling.  I finally said Don't you have work to do?  Quit buggin me!! (actually, I wasn't even that nice and I might have thrown in a couple of bad words) Apparently he was wondering if I got flowers.  Hmmmmmm, note to self:  be nice to people around your birthday.  Don't be a bitch in case someone is sending flowers.   Good advice.

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