Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Love Hate Relationship with Christmas

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas.    I hate it because every freaking year we talk about the "meaning is lost" which is true. yadda yadda yadda. But, we still do it anyway.  My fam goes to church and know what the true meaning is and participate in food drives, angel trees, etc. But, rewarding as that is it doesn't stop the forced participation of commercialized Christmas.    Jeez, I'm starting to sound like a crotchety old man. 

I hate being forced to buy my angels (who honestly need a little lesson of receiving coal....) bloody expensive gifts when I can get them 1/2 off on the 26th or any other time of the year. I hate breaking into a sweat putting up the tree because we live in the south then turning around and mowing the yard on the same day.   I hate that Christmas is crammed in with Fall Break, Halloween, Thanksgiving.  Really,  I should bite my tongue because I know why Christmas is when it is.   But, there is so little going on in January, Feb and March and it is crappy cold with nothing to do...........

I do love shopping and seeing all the glittery decorations.  And sometimes you will catch one of your favorite Christmas songs.   Not the freakin Justin Bieber poke my eye out version.   And on that note, is there only one decent Christmas song that comes out every 20 years????   Must we listen to the same 16 songs that we have listened too since the 80's??? WTF.

And please please please don't get me started on Elf on The Shelf.  Where do I begin?????   Um, my boys were threatened with the head honcho himself.  Santa Claus.   They didn't make $30 elves to make a mess for me to clean up.  But, now that I have teenagers I'm tempted to buy one just to have some fun.   No messes.  But, some Mom fun by placing an elf where an IPhone or Ipod should be.  Or leaving an empty box of pop tarts with the elf in it. Or maybe wrapping empty boxes with elves in them for Christmas.  Omg I am laughing right now just thinking of it.  That to me is freaking funny.   Paybacks to teenagers.  Gotta love that. 


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