Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jingle All The Way

I like to call this particular time frame Holiday Hell Week.  All Moms (and probably 3 Dads) know what I'm talking about.  Those 6 or 7 days  before schools let out for the Christmas break.  Or Winter Break.  Whatever.  We know what it is.  

Whatever you call it, for me it's crammed with  school cookie baking,  Christmas plays, concerts, karate evaluations, church functions, etc.  Throw in some exams and jingle all the way.  

Is there a reason we have to cram all this in one week???  Again, I'm trying to promote the gray, cold boring days in January, February & March.  Don't bother me after April 1st, I'm in the home stretch for summer. 

I just love fighting the crowd at Wal-mart last night to get 1 tiny item for baby boy #2's project. Due today of course.  Was told about it yesterday.  Super.  Every freak and scooter driving person was there.  I thought about combining some grocery shopping while I was there but after seeing that crazy scene I just wanted out.  And when I check out in the garden center I refuse to take my receipt over the the lady sitting down.  If she wants it so bad she can scoot her walker over to me.  I mean, if she's a good worker she just saw me make my purchases anyway.  I'm not being mean I'm just in a hurry.

I have baked cookies, hemmed tuxedo pants, schlepped kids to practices, bought tickets to concerts and committed myself to events that I'm not sure I can be at two places at once.  (That's tonight feat)  

Why do I allow myself get swept up in this mayhem?  I'll tell you why.  Cause I love my babies.  And if they are involved in something they enjoy then I will encourage them.  Even if it means sitting in concerts that you hope are good enough not to make it to YouTube.   I will run to my least favorite stores to get project materials that hopefully will inspire creativity to  make an A.  I will bake cookies that are so delicious they will sing like angels.  I will let them practice their Hong Kong Fooey  karate chops on me. 
I mean it's only a week.....

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