Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Fun

Oh Joy!   A rainy Monday!!!  You know how I love these!!   No. Seriously do.

The weekend was wonderfully warm and I got to laze around due to baby boy #3 being sick.   Friday he comes home with a fever.  Friday night I'm woken up with him beside me saying "Mom. Mom. I think I'm going to ...."(insert barfing retching noises here)  Those are always fun ways to wake up to.  It's dark, you have no idea who's barfing, where it's going, or if your going to step in it trying to get to a light.  You just feel bad for whomever the poor victim is.   So I spent Saturday fluffing pillows, administering Tylenol, and running a cool wash cloth over poor baby 3.   Saturday night was a repeat of Friday night.  Seriously.   Damn, I gave him a little soup too soon.......

Note to all you hubbys out there.  When wifey says "please bring home gatorade" for your Exorcist style vomiting child  for the love of God  DO NOT bring home red or blue or even green flavors. Seriously!!!   I learned that lesson forever ago.   Those colors will come shooting out of every orifice of your poor child and it will always end up on sheets or carpet.   And that shit stains!!! (no pun intended. snicker)

So, of course those are the colors MY hubs brings home to #3......... And yes I gave him the choice of cleaning the multi colored puke or poop that was sure to happen if he drank those or going back and getting the clear or piss yellow flavors.  Not a word.  Good fella went straight back to store.  Smart man.

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