Friday, August 17, 2012


Omg, TGIF, WTH and anything else that can sum up a Friday  for the first week of school.  I am a sun shiny morning person at 630.  Not at 530.   That one hour makes the difference between crazy mom signing last minute forms and yelling crap! while throwing pop tarts and sweet lovely Mom standing on the porch with her 2nd cup of coffee seeing off her children after making sure they had a nutritous breakfast. (well, warm at least) 

  My darling teenagers have apparently forgotten the number 1 rule.  Mom will make sure everything works out fine for your day if YOU DO NOT SPEAK TO ME UNTIL I HAVE HAD MY FIRST CUP OF COFFEE.  I will even get up 5 minutes early to get down to kitchen to have said cup of coffee.  Please, please do not follow me down asking where your favorite shirt is.  (I try to head this particular question off by having all shirts HANGING IN CLOSETS!!  Not sure why they don't look there first.  

So,  now I feel better after that little rant.   I hope everyone has a zippity doo dah Friday

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