Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Most people don't realize I have a hairdresser issue.    Since my fav stylist left town years ago I have searched unsuccessfully for a replacement.  After disaster after disaster I just usually get a horrible once a year haircut and color.  Did I say horrible??  I meant a freaking disaster.  So, to save me money and the anguish I just let my hair go.  Go you say??  Yes, As in not brushing it all summer after swimming go.....As in borderline dreads go.    I love my delusional world where I just imagine everyone thinks I have long, blonde bohemian locks.  I don't even want to know realistically what it really looks like.....  

 So, today I went off on my usual yearly nightmare to a new stylist.  (Oh, did I mention I had a 50% coupon?? lol maybe that's one of my problems!!)   After being greeted by a semi-goth looking 20 yr. old I smirked to myself and said "here we go again".  After concluding what I was "going for" as far as color I sat back waiting for the "fun" to begin.  Hmmmm,  why wasn't she blathering my ear off about useless shit???  (useless to me, I might add.  Others may enjoy it)    I just want to add my last experience with a hairdresser (I refuse to call her stylist) was on a referral. She was young and  and talked about how "she doesn't know why she stays so thin, she can eat anything" "(hey bitch, we all could when we were your age. Crank out 3 gigantic boys and hit your 40's and let's see how you look then shall we??) all the while slopping gloop on my hair that she swears is what I need.......A real snore fest.  I didn't care what I looked like I just wanted out.   Well, I looked like I had black sideburns.(I'm a blonde) I thought maybe it's just me.  Let's sleep on it and look at it in the morning.  Well, I slept on it and shampooed it oh, about 7 times.  reddish black side burns.  They apparently call those low-lights.  I called the salon and spoke with Snookie (not her real name, I have no idea what is) who very slowly said all I need to do was give it a shampoo in Dawn Dishwasing detergent.   DId you catch that???  Effing Dawn.    Well, my point is after $130 I think Snookie ought to wash my head with Dawn.   The Dawn just made it dark dark orange.  So, that is just one of my hairdresser horror stories hence why I tried again today.

  But, Hallelujah!!!  What a fabulous experience!! While our next chair patron prattled on about her upcoming trip to Uganda to read to kids (Um, I know of kids at my own sons school who need help with reading, and oh don't have enough to eat either)  just saying.  And her victory over Nutella  being claimed not healthy!  wow.  My gal (lets call her Bella)  It's not but I like Twilight.   stayed silent and did her job thoroughly  (you could tell)  Asked me a few pertinent questions about my family and that was it.  Sat with me during processing and didn't act like she had to sit with the overweight (well!!) middle age hag.  Loved her!!   My hair looks fab.  My boys did not ask "what happened" when they saw me.  Love it!!   So, my point is don't judge a book blah blah blah and keep trying??

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