Monday, February 17, 2014

Bring On The Heat Meat

Yay!   60 degrees today! Yay!!   Makes me so happy!  I only wore 2 shirts layered today!  Yay!!  And didn't wear fingerless gloves in the house.    Silly but true.

I was one of thousands probably out washing their car.  So gross.  receipts and bottled water, dirty socks?  from the holidays.  So not me.  I've always been a wash the car once a week gal.

Needed More Sweat so I bopped over to the Y and did a body sculpt class.  Sounds cool and sexy but it was more sweaty and uncomfortable than you think.  But that's cool.  I broke a much needed sweat.

And the best news yet is that it is going to be this warm for the next 4 days!  Whoop Whoop!!   Wash the dog? clean under couch? who knows ?  The world is my oyster this week! 

Now do you believe that warmth is one of the few things that make me happy?

Thank you sun for shining down on my today!  

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