Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Zombies, Women's Prison, Aristocracy aka. My TV Series Addiction

You would think with all the holiday hoopla I would be consumed with holiday schedules, tinsel, gift giving etc.  But, what nobody really knows is what my little brain is really thinking about.

I'm  thinking and worrying about what's going to happen and WHEN on upcoming episodes of~~~~The Walking Dead   And Sons of Anarchy.  And Orange Is The New Black.  And Downton Abbey........

I've never ever been a huge TV fan but for some reason (old age, not know what friends are talking about) I've become a series addict.

It is positively killing me.   Will Carol come back on Walking Dead??  When the heck is Orange is New Black coming back???   How will Mary survive the loss of Matthew on Downton???  All these questions are swirling in my head daily.  And why do I think Juice is so sexy on Sons of Anarchy???? 

My main question is now that I'm hooked why are they already over??  This is winter. The boring time.  None of these shows are coming back til after the holidays and then some which is driving me crazy.  I need help. TV series intervention.

Downton Abbey

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