Saturday, August 24, 2013

Migraines and Teenagers

Well hello bad headache!!  What's that??  You aren't an ordinary headache??  Your called a what???  A migraine?  What's that???

Thanks to all who let me know AFTER THE FACT that a migraine will make you wish you had a gun.  Or a mallet.  Or both.  And you would barf. And your eyeballs would feel like they are going to eject from your head.  Thanks.

And that you would be in such agony  and in a fog you would have your 15 year old son DRIVE you to the nearest Doc in a Box.    No questions asked. Just get in the car.  Me: " Yes, I'm sure you can do it"   "You will be fine"  "Don't talk anymore or I will barf"

Today it's kinda funny.  Not really.  But funnier than yesterday.

I bought him some Skittles today to say Thank You.  I maybe should have bought him 2 packs.   I think he's rather scarred from the experience.....

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