Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow Days

Whew,   We made it through 5 whole school days.   No 2 hour delays due to wind.  No off days due to potential "black ice"  (it's a myth around here)  5 days in a row is brutal for my clan.  I actually worked a few days myself.  And yes I got dressed and put on makeup.  No, I didn't wear my jammies and robe like I normally do.

Hubs aka Archie was thrilled.  He thinks all our off days from school are hokey.  It drives him absolutely ballistic when he has to jaunt off to work and we are lounging around AGAIN for some weird school's out day.   (I adore these days and usually send him off with a "have a good day, cause I know we will!!" and a cackle.  Burn.

We are lucky to live in the south because if our favorite meteorologist throws 2-3 snowflakes on the screen then it sends everyone  into a frenzy and  is usually a sure bet there will be some school closings. 

 The texts will fly, the speculations endless, the grocery stores are first to be interviewed about their status of milk and bread. Because, there is only a freaking grocery store every mile and the speculation is that we will get snowed in with 2 inches and need to make a bunch of sandwiches and wash them down with milk. ( Hasn't happened)  And there is always the toothless goober who is frantically throwing his/her groceries in the car while talking about hurrying to get home and looking up at the sky like a giant Swiss avalanche is going to hurtle down on them.

Seriously, around here if there is a hint of snow all the kids will wear their pajamas inside out.  really.   Hey, I do it too.  Cause nothing is more fun than a snow day.  With or without snow. 


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