Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Social Media Free Week

So,  I did it.   I took a week off from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, email, etc.   The first 2 days felt like I was coming off crack.   I guess.  I've never tried crack but I would imagine this is what it felt like. ( no offense to crack heads who are really coming off crack)   I have just gotten so tired of boring posts, Tweets, and whatnot. I wanted to take a week off to see if I was missing anything and to see if I could.    Well, I can.  And I'll be honest.  After checking my FB this morning I have missed NADA, ZIP,NOTHING.

How liberating!   Of course, it gave me not much to blog about.  I don't think someone wanting my birthday for their fb calendar was too news worthy.  A few messages from some fam and friends but nothing exciting.  And Pinterest.  Don't get me started.  I have boards full of crap.  You know I'm truly not going to make any of that s^%#.   And I'm tired of wasting an hour finding stuff I like.  I could be napping.

Which, is what I did this past week instead of being on my computer. And phone. 

I napped.  Read a ton of books. Caught up on Downton Abbey.  Worked (just a little!).  Napped some more.  
Kind of like hibernating.  Which is all I want to do in the winter.   C'mon April 1st.   (55 more days)  

For all of you social media ho's out there.  Take a break. You won't miss much.  I promise.  

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  1. WOw, good for you. Yes, it's liberating to know that your life do not depend on these social networking site. :D


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