Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution Gal

Happy New Year!!  For those of you who made awesome New Year's Resolutions  I say rock on and let me know how that works for you..........  I'm not a big resolution gal because of the obvious pitfalls of resolutions.  (By Feb their history)  And I don't put a lot of hype into the new year because the previous year may have been the best your ever going to get.   Can you say pessimist me???!   

All I hope for is another year full of crazy laughter and plenty of opportunities to annoy and amuse my teenage boys.   That's all.  If I get cracked up at least once a day I'm golden. 

So, with that being said I feel I need to share little funnies (yes, some came from that evil Pinterest) that make me wet my pants.    If you don't want to laugh you should probably mosey on elsewhere.............

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