Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Dyson Love Affair

I saved taking down our real Christmas tree for last.  Last because I was trying to keep it up for Cory (baby boy#1) to see when he comes home on Jan. 9th.  Did you hear me??  My sweet baby boy is coming home from the Navy on the 9th!!!! Whooo Hooooo!!!!!   He will be home for three weeks!  Even though everyone knows I love to get my "Christmas crap" put away I thought it would be nice for him to see it.   No go.   That sucker was dryer than the Sahara.  I was scared one of my fancy Glade candles would ignite it from another room.  And yes before you ask I watered it and gave it the "stay fresh" drops.  Sounds like a feminine product.   Usually, our live trees last great with proper watering.  This one drank a gallon just about daily and still dried up.   
Took me 7 times vacuuming living room and cleaning out vacuum twice with unclogging nozzle to get up all the needles.  And, if Dyson would like to sponsor me I would gladly rave on their vacuums!!    Those things keep sucking like........well, you get the idea.   (ask hubs he'll gladly tell you!)



  1. You are a vacuuming badass. I have a similar affinity for vacuuming. However... and this might put a strain on your blogging friendship, I have a Shark vacuum. I love it, it is also badass and makes cat hair and dust disappear.

    Here's to a clean 2013 :) I hope you are never stabbed in the foot by a dry pine needle. God that hurts.

  2. Jean Marie, You rock for understanding my vacuum love. :)


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