Monday, September 24, 2012

My love of All Hallows Eve aka. Halloween

Why oh why do I love Halloween so much????   Maybe because it signals the end of the long  sultry days and nights of  humidity in the South's summer.  (doesn't that sound better than oh let's say wringing wet, sweat running down your crack before you get in the car kind of heat?)  Nope, that's  not it.  I love summer.   It's that scent of spooky in the air.  Really!  I can smell it!  The second the humidity drops and a cool front comes through...actually when I have to put socks on for the first time in months, I get the urge to get out all of those lovely orange and black bins in my garage.   Hmmmm what did I pick up last year at end of season sales?  Oh, there's my favorite hanging bats and dangling skeletons! Yay!    bahahahahaha   (That was my maniacal laugh)  I know, I need to practice.

I'm  the crazy lady who has put up all her Halloween decorations like today.   Instead of following all my neighbors with their college football flags waving cheerily from over garages,  I am putting up my collection of foam head stones in my yard.   I love the feel Halloween gives of being out of your element.  Nothing truly every spooky happens but there is that element that it could.....

The neighborhood kids think it's cool that I put spider webs in every room.  Hey, what Mom can say that??  Gives me an excuse not to dust for a month.  The Hubs isn't much of a fan but he let's me do my Halloween thing without complaint (which is saying alot since football season is his fav) and will even hang something high up if I can't reach it.  And won't say a word when a skull shows up on his desk for a month so that's pretty cool.  

To those Moms out there with there smiling scarecrows sitting on cute little bales of hay I say Boo To You!!!!  (Ironically, that's my fav Halloween Party at Disney World, but that's for another blog :)   C'mon it's the only time of the year you can dress up (yes, I still do)  and be someone else and scare kids without being out casted from the neighborhood.  You can be cutesy wootsy all the rest of the year and look like everyone else's yard but give it up for Halloween!  It's called spooky fun.  No hidden agenda with the dark side, no satanic references, just a fun time and great memories.   And I love it!! 

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