Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just call me Grace

I am so not the graceful type.  A couple of evenings ago I slipped in my back yard on steps leading to my patio.   A sprained wrist, bruised elbow, bruised back, severely bruised bottom ( I had no idea an entire buttock could bruise so freaking bad, my hubs took a picture it was so bad!)  later has had me couch/bed ridden.  Fun.  Not.  Pain meds and muscle relaxers have helped immensely. I so would not have survived the pioneer times. Chewing on bark is not my idea of pain relief.  Thought it was best not to blog while on them.  No telling what would have come out!  

If I'm going to take that kind of fall like that I would like it to be more of a dramatic story than I slipped on 3 steps.  3 steps.  Can't freaking believe I hurt so bad after 3 steps.   A skiing mishap or a mountain biking accident sounds better.  I imagine if there had been a video I would have looked like a cartoon charachter slipping on a banana peel.  Straight up and falling flat on my back.   Are my reflexes gone??   No wind milling of the arms?  No trying to save myself?  Have I just given up?   What the hay.   There should be some kind of class at the Y for how to fall gracefully, or how to fall without unglamerous injuries.....

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