Monday, September 10, 2012

Why I Hate School Fundraising

First few rocky weeks of school behind us.. Yay.   Now the nickel and diming me to death starts.  The emails for fundraising start trickling in.  "Could you possibly?.....,  Would you mind?.......etc.   After years of saying yes I have finally perfected the art of saying no.    No I can't sell $30 wrapping paper (the size which you could only wrap a ring box) to my friends and acquaintances who are also selling it.   Or the coupon books the size of phone books?   Why are the only things in there that I would use are across town?   Just takes up space in my car console. In fact, it has been a number of years since I have seen a student actually sell something.  It's the parents schlepping their child's wares to work and co-workers buying out of fear of getting black balled by not buying.  

And then as the Mom I would look like a heel not buying my precious angels tin of crap (popcorn, candy, etc.  you know what I mean.)  that looks large enough to give as a gift but upon arrival it is the size of a coaster.  So, I have perfected the fundraising rules in my home.   One fundraiser per school year per child.   I will not stand on the side of a busy road in 105 degrees on a Saturday shouting "free car wash".  Luckily mine are teens now and they can do that one on their own.  My husband and I prefer the "Worlds Best Chocolate" fundraiser  ( I don't know about Worlds Best but it is pretty darn good) Give us a box of that and you will have $50 within an hour.  And that's without leaving the house!   My husband works in the restaurant business and he can take a box of chocolates and they are gone in 10 min.  So, our darlings adore us and we raise a little money for our boys  new 2 year old school (aka, money sucking, fundraiser every 5 minutes, sitting on the ground due to not enough bleachers school) 

Don't get me wrong.  Years ago I was a gung-ho, outfit matching, hair always done Mom who jumped on every fund raiser train.   I am scared to think of how much $$$ I have actually raised.  But now let the newer shiny Moms take over.  I just want to sit back and watch.    Ahhhhhhhhh

And that is my crappy view on school fundraising.  :)


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