Sunday, August 26, 2012

Virus's, sick Moms, Eating Your Young

I want to thank my precious angels for bringing home not one but two separate virus's in the first two weeks of school.  Also a big fat thanks for making sure Mom catches them.  (Drat!!!  If only I could resist kissing them!)   As I was snuffling, sneezing, fevering (I know, I just like the way it sounds) I briefly thought this must be why some animals eat their young......

Of course, I have to get out feeling like crap because I have given all the cold,flu meds to the above mentioned angels.   Now,  is it me (surely not) or aren't stores (my only 2 that are open early. You know who you are W and T)
supposed to stock during the night????  Isn't that what 3rd shift is all about??
As I'm slouched over my buggy every worker is determined to annoy me.  Stocking shelves on only aisles that I need.  Yapping about what they did last night with a worker 4 freaking aisles over. (not even an interesting night for them I might add)   And for the stalker on the loudest floor polishing machine I will hunt you down as soon as I feel better.....

Between 30 minutes and 2 stores I must have had 43 workers say "good morning", "can I help you find anything" etc.   In all those little team building meetings I kept running into on main aisles (seriously??? Don't you guys have a back room to do this in?)   can you maybe explain "profiling a sick mom" and leave her the F alone?   She knows where everything is in your store, she needs no help finding the generic DayQuil.  Her shirt that she slept in is on inside out, she's wearing a ball cap and her head is pounding.   Just stay out of her way.  Simple. Best customer service you could do.

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