Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Book Passion

Contrary to what some of you might think I'm not just a bitter old Mom who blogs crap every other day but I also am a voracious reader.   I love using that word.  Voracious.  It's rather difficult to ease it into conversation.  But voracious reader I am.

I love reading about the authors too.   It cracks me up when I see or hear an author and I'm shocked that their the author of a favorite book I've read.  I guess that's where don't judge a book by the author's back cover comes in.

I actually read probably more than I do anything else.   I'm not saying I get caught up in a good book and am still in my jammies when the kids get home and nothing has been done.  Or maybe I am.      I won't confess that. 

  But, reading is one of my top passions.  Along with  The Atlanta Braves,  And Disney World.  But, that's a nasty obsession  for another day. 

I am partial to murder mysteries, (female authors only) paranormal, smut, funny contemporary, smut, etc.  Not a fan of espionage and all that crap.  Too much like reality on CNN. 

I'm the cheapest reader as well.  I will troll Amazon's Kindle book site almost daily for the freebies.    1 out of 6 are pretty good reads.  But, I will pay for the best sellers.  And if my Kindle gets down to 5 or less books I start to sweat and get nervous.

Just a little insight into my little bubble that holds me and keeps me reality free.

Plus, reading takes you away from reality so people around you look more like this......

Or this....

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