Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley. Miley. Miley. Tsk Tsk

I know everyone has posted about this topic but I felt so violated after watching it on You Tube I had to wait a day.  

Miley, Miley, Miley.   I endured countless episodes of Hannah Montana with boys no less.   And endured being the key word. Disney Channel never has been known for it's quality actors and story lines.  But, we are a Disney family and we knew it was "safe" tv.  

You are an adult.  Yup.  You are OBVIOUSLY exploring your sexuality and FORCING us to explore it with you.  Yup.  Or Yuck.

I get all that.   Been there done that.    But NEVER did I do it as a role model to other young adults or on national television. 

To hear that high schoolers (mine included) at our local high school  were watching her performance on YouTube during lunch yesterday was disturbing at best.  The key words I heard from that were "she is so gross"

Then I thought I needed  to explain to my boys the difference between porn and real sex. 

Because basically what I saw was simulated porn with a song thrown in.
Not a comfy conversation.   And that what Miley did on the awards show was a PERFORMANCE to get attention. She won that hands down.   And  is  not acceptable behavior in public in our little world. Privately?  Do what you want.  We are all freaks on some level. But, don't force feed it to others.    I know what Mom doesn't know blah blah blah.  Kind of hard for Mom not to know when it was on tv.  I really tuned in cause I wanted to see a little J.T.  Now there is an example of sexy.

 I hope my guys make stupid mistakes.  Small ones are easy to get over and you learn from them. No one really wants to embarrass people who love and care for them. Hopefully.  

 But, if I ever see or hear of one of my kids up on a stage in front of others doing that shit You want to bet I'll be right up there dragging their ass down by their stupid dumb looking horns on their head. 

Flirty is fun. Sexy can be hot.  Miley went straight to humping anything that was on that stage.  Reminds me of this dog we had........

And Twerking?  Girl,  you can't twerk.  Your a 98lb white girl.     And I'm guessing you dressed yourself and thought up your own props?? Because it looked like leftovers from your bedroom back home or Goodwill.  Foam finger??  Really?   All the real women are laughing at that one.   And get that stupid Gene Simmons tongue back in your mouth.  It doesn't need to hang out 24/7 like you can't wait to give a blow job on anyone.   Aren't there people you pay to help you with things like couth, tastefulness, wardrobe???  No?  It showed.

You are pretty and  have  years behind you cultivating  a fan base that could withstand time.  Was that not enough?  Most performers would kill for that. You can sing fair and have/had a huge following of fans.  You have/had the ability to run with this and make it a CAREER. 

I am sending Miley a bill.  I want all my money back from all the Hannah Montana crap I have purchased for nieces and friends kids.  I also want compensation for the time and discomfort on their part  spent explaining porn vs. real sex to my boys.  Was not on my Monday night plan bitch. 

 All this is a viral sensation right now.  But,  tell me where will you be at in 10 years?   Still humping stuffed animals and twerking?    I hope not cause girl you can't twerk and just look stupid when you do.   If you don't cut that tongue back and slow down this is how I envision you later on.

Or maybe like this with a couple of diseases thrown in for character

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