Monday, January 7, 2013


I'm so excited I'm about to bust or maybe combust?  Whichever is more fun that's where I'm at.   My sweet darling baby  boy #1 Cory is on his way home as I type.   Home for 3 weeks from 7,000 miles overseas in The Navy.  (cue: The Village People)  I have not seen his precious face (other than Skype) in  a year and a half.   For all you Moms out there thank you for that shared stab of pain you felt when you read that!

For those who don't know me it started like this:

1.  Baby boy#1 joins the Navy while the rest of fam are at the beach.  (We had already talked about it and told him to wait.  We wanted to go and talk with recruiter like good parents should)

2.  Mom has heart attack (not really) and starts drinking heavily at said beach when received the news.

3.  Mom comes unglued when baby boy #1 ships off for boot camp and cries for six straight weeks.

4. Mom goes to graduation ceremony and is so proud yet comes unglued again.

5. Baby boy#1 gets orders to report to Guam.  Again, we were on a little vacay with the fam when we recieved this nugget of information.   Mom is still unglued from previous steps and adds Xanax to the mix.

6.  Baby boy #1 let's Mom know he will be stationed in Guam for 4 years and be gone on "missions" periodically with no contact to Mom.

7.  Mom adds Oreo's and mexican food to drinking and Xanax and is turning into a fat ass upon hearing baby boy#1 and fiance are getting married in Guam with a 4 week notice.

8.  Mom lays off the Oreo's and starts back to gym and yoga.  Mom starts blogging between crying.

9.  Mom watches Flight Tracker for 27 hours to make sure baby boy#1 and wife arrive safely on US mainland soil.   That period of time involved an entire box of tissues, 2 Xanax, and several (several? few? 10?) bottles of Stella Artois beer.  Hubs rolls his eyes at me periodically.

10.  Today.  Cleaning house with joy and vigor.  Have told teenage boys they are not allowed to use their bathroom or kitchen until their brother and sister-in-law arrives.  They are not impressed.  To them he is still just their older stinky brother. Hubs is keeping mouth closed and cleaning upstairs for me.  (his way of showing excitement. Seriously.) Tomorrow  I will see my baby boy#1 and have all three baby boys under my roof!!!   Yay!

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