Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Went shopping and to lunch with my BFF yesterday.  The older we get the more we have to dring at lunch to brave the dressing room mirrors!!   Wasn't quite too bad.  I was only looking at dresses/skirts to last thru fall of subbing at school.   So much easier to hide and cameflouge with a dress than pants and a shirt.   Not a fan of back fat showing through!!!   Had fun but got back home tooo  late to cook dinner (what a crappy Mom, and on the 2nd day of school too!)   So,  darling hubs picked up a sack of Chilis to go.   Much better than I would have cooked anyway.  I was born without the cooking and planning meals gene.  Swear.     BFF and I had awesome time as usual.  We are determined to start hitting Estate Sales together.   Sign of getting old I guess!!!   We both luv luv luv old costume jewelry and I love picking up things to sell on Ebay so I can tell the hubs how much money I "made" shopping!!   bahahahahah   He things I'm a loon!!  Today it's about getting a hair cut (ugh)   I'm horrible about getting those!!  And I want a desk for our office.  We have a little one that hubs uses but I like a big one for all of my crap.  No sub line calling so yay!!  Maybe I can get those 2 things done.  Of course, it will interfere with my laundry issue on dining room table (swore I would never ever have laundry laying on a table and here you go. :(

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