Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Post

Ok,  this is my first blog so don't judge!!   I figure I blog all day in my mind that maybe it
would free up some space in my brain if I got it out.  I am a Mom but not a sicky sweet bloggy Mom.  I have no recipes to share nor do I care of your great chicken dish you had last night.  I am a Disney World fanatic and go there every year.   But, I am not a cutesy Micky and Minnie fan.  I have 3 sons ( 2 teenagers and 1 in the Navy) whom while drives me nuts and smell funky I adore.

I am married to Archie Bunker (just kidding, sorta)  We are a normal not fakey family. It works for us.   Think The Hecks from "The Middle".    I tend to rattle off random thoughts with no order whatsoever so if that bugs you you might want to run along.   Today, it was either start my new blog or lay at the pool half listening to all the Moms blather on about $50 sunscreen and coupons.  Since I can't find my ear buds I chose this.   I have had this running list of obscure names that mean nothing to any one  but I enjoy gathering them. 

The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) part of my blog will be boring to most.  It's not fun and sometimes sounds whiney.   But it's my blog so.......   

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